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We go the distance to listen and secure your rights for better pay and living conditions. 


  • Max. two 4 year term for Federal Secretary

  • Skin in the game: We're in this together

  • Cultivate unity amongst Cabin Crew

Our Policy Outlines

Restoring Wages:
Same Job,
Same Pay

Addressing the pay disparities and ensure that crew across the industry are remunerated equally

Work Life
Balance for
Cabin Crew

Essential for health and happiness both in the air and while on ground leading to a rewarding career and fulfilling life 

Enhancing Crew Entitlements

Drive operational improvement initiatives for cabin crew overall safety, achievement and service delivery

and Transparency of our FAAA

 Transparency fosters responsible behavior. In line with this principle, FAAA will ensure that all members are updated promptly


Pay Structures, interline Staff Travel, voluntary and complusory redundancies

Introduction of the Honorary Board

Establish an advisory board for FAAA's current and future governance


Secondments, Divisional flying, Festive Season days off, Trip swaps, Peak Hour Traffic for City flyer


Initiating Career and Professional development; supporting courses and crew social functions

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Vote for a Change. 
Make your vote count.

Download WoC How to Vote Instructions

Our Team

Get to know them and their stories.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to creating a workplace environment that fosters fairness
and opportunities and promote solidarity among cabin crew members. 

Our Mission
We aim to ensure that each member is acknowledged, valued and respected.
We stand as a beacon for those seeking equitable treatment and opportunities, underscored by our commitment to accountability and transparency.

Our Vision

We envision a future where every cabin crew member experiences the dignity of receiving equal pay for equal work and enjoys a balanced professional and personal life.

Connect with us

We welcome you.

Here, we strive to ensure that all cabin crew receive our full attention. If you ever have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us for assistance at 


In the meantime, we hope you enjoy what you've seen so far,and once again, welcome. 


Become a Volunteer for 
Wings of Change

We're making small volunteering actions count in a big way. Join us to take direct action on causes you care about.

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